Precision Reed Making Machines for Clarinet & Saxophone

Craftsmanship & Consistency: Advanced Reed Making Technology

For clarinetists and saxophonists seeking consistency and quality, the Reedual™ offers an exceptional solution. This advanced reed-making machine empowers musicians to create their own reeds, ensuring longer lifespan, exceptional quality, and cost-effectiveness. Step into a world where your reeds match your expectations, every time.

How Well Does The Reedual™ Work For Making Reeds?

Steven Barta – Principal Clarinet of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, 39 years Faculty, Peabody Institute of Music, 31 years

There is nothing that provides more confidence than being able to easily provide yourself with truly great reeds for a fraction of the cost of commercial reeds.

I am very excited by the results of his efforts and strongly suggest that you put the new and improved Reedual™ to work for yourself.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the consistency and the improvements to your sound quality, articulation, response, dynamic range and power of projection as well as the confidence you will attain from making your own hand made reeds.

Make Finished, Ready-To-Play Reeds

It’s true that other reed making machines exist. They are flashier, higher tech, and higher cost.

Unlike those products, however, the Reedual™ creates a precise, high quality reed with a longer lifespan, at a lower lifetime cost.

The Reedual™ distinguishes itself in the reed-making market by offering a balance of precision, quality, and affordability.

Dr. Amy McCann – Lecturer in Clarinet and Theory
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

I have been relying on the Reedual to make my own reeds through two graduate degrees in performance, a four-year enlistment in a military band, and an active teaching and freelance career. This newest version is even more dependable when it comes to rapidly turning out good reeds.

The Reedual is absolutely worth the initial cost of purchasing a machine. It pays for itself quickly by producing better quality longer lasting reeds at a fraction of the cost of commercial reeds.

Website: Dr Amy McCann