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The REEDUAL is a motor-driven reed profiler for musicians who play clarinet and saxophone reeds. 


The new improved Reedual uses a special high-quality aluminum and is now made using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining to copy your model reed with incredible accuracy. This new design will offer you many years of accurate and consistent reed replication. 

The table supports the model reed on the right and the reed being sanded to shape on the left. It is controlled by the knob on the right end. (In actual use, the table is tilted to an upright position).

A follower head contacts the model as the table is rotated and moved to the left so that the sanding wheel removes the cane material from the reed on the left end.  The depth of cut is controlled by a brass knob on the right rear. This knob is indexed in 1/2 thousandth inch increments and can be rotated continuously through a considerable range, accommodating all clarinet and sax reeds and blanks.

Please visit our FAQ section for a more detailed explanation of the most commonly asked questions or view the demonstration video by Dr. Amy McCann.

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