Have a Questions About Using the Reedual™?

How Does the Reedual™ Work?

The Reedual™ works by employing advanced CNC machining technology to precisely replicate reed profiles. It works very similarly to the way a key-making machine copies a new key from a model key.

Musicians can set the machine to craft reeds according to their specific requirements, ensuring each reed produced matches their desired sound and playability.

The machine’s design prioritizes ease of use, allowing musicians to efficiently create high-quality, consistent reeds with a longer lifespan. This process not only enhances performance but also reduces the overall cost and time spent on reed procurement.

What Reeds Does It Work With?

The Reedual™ works for any size clarinet or saxophone reeds. You can use it to adjust commercial reeds or to make your own reeds from blanks.

What Skills Do I Need?

The Reedual™ has been designed so that most anyone can learn to produce high-quality reeds with minimal effort. You will find that there is a rapid learning curve to get your “feel” for the machine.

Is the Machine Safe to Operate?

The entire cutting operation utilizes a spinning wheel with 220-grit sandpaper powered by a 1/15th HP motor. There are NO knives or blades. It is as safe as any sanding device used in the home workshop.

Are There Hidden Costs?

Each machine is supplied with enough strips to cut hundreds of reeds. We can supply more or you can obtain the 220-grit sandpaper and cut your own strips. The neoprene drive belt will occasionally require replacement, but these are inexpensive.

Can I See the Process?

Yes, here is an excellent video by Dr. Amy McCann showing how easy it is to make your own reeds with this machine.